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Welcome to
Community 2.0

A content-centric community platform for associations that’s built to fit the way your members navigate the online world.

Content. Conversation. Collaboration.

association online community platform

Auto-Curated Content

The internet is a noisy place, so help your members find what’s important to them. We’ve created set-it and forget-it functionality that allows you to choose the most relevant sources of online content and have them automatically populate in your community’s feed.

Artificial Intelligence

Providing a steady stream of content is great, but where it really gets interesting is when your members engage with that stream. rasa.io employs artificial intelligence to learn each member’s likes and interests and to then customize their feed based on those preferences. Each of your members is a unique individual with different interests. Why should they all see the same content?

association online community platform
content and networking hub

Mobile Optimized

Your members are all on mobile, so why aren’t you? Until now, the only community options available to associations were desktop applications band-aided together to give the illusion of a mobile experience. rasa.io is the only truly mobile-first platform available to associations whose members crave a seamless experience across multiple devices.

"The collaboration with the rasa.io staff is the type of white-glove treatment I’ve never experienced with any other IT provider."

— Lisa Patterson, ADAA