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Our Story

We believe that changing the world starts with connecting people.

Why We Exist

We created rasa.io because we fundamentally believe that up to now, the approach most associations take to online community building has been far too narrow. Networking, resource sharing, and Q/A are just a part of the online community experience, so we created a platform the puts member engagement where it should be - at the heart of your association’s community.

We believe that frequent, repetitive use is a primary driver of engagement, so we created our platform that rewards frequent visitation with a continuously updated stream of curated content. Combined with our mobile-first approach, this ensures each member gets a personalized experience served up seamlessly on the devices they prefer to use.

By building a platform with a focus on content and the conversations that revolve around it, rasa.io "closes the community loop" and forges lasting connections between individuals – making your community a habit in your members' online lives.

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Where We Come From

Rasa.io is a proud member of the Association Success family of brands. The brain-child of Amith Nagarajan, the founder and CEO of Aptify, rasa.io shares the same values and commitment to helping associations succeed that has propelled Aptify to the top of the AMS world. As part of that commitment, our goal was to rethink what community means within the context of an association. Community 2.0, as we like to call the rasa.io platform, is the culmination of that vision, and one more tool in the Association Success arsenal that associations can leverage to build stronger, more meaningful bonds with their members.

Our Team

  • association online community platform

    Amith Nagarajan

  • Bryan Kelly

  • Christian Britto
    Operations Manager

  • Chandra Bhushan
    Technical Architect

  • Arie Glazier
    Software Engineer

  • Brooks Sime
    Software Engineer

Our Partners