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Features & Benefits

Our platform is loaded with tools and features that allow you to provide a customized and optimized experience to meet each of your members' needs.

Key Benefits

On-the-Go Interaction

On average, your members spend 3 hours using mobile devices every day. This makes a customized mobile experience a must for any community. Whether it’s using the rasa.io app, creating a custom branded app for your association, or visiting our mobile optimized site, the rasa.io community offers a seamless experience across devices, and fits into the way your members operate in the world.

A Truly Personalized Experience

Your community is made up of individuals with unique likes and interests. Ensure you treat them as such. rasa.io’s proprietary artificial intelligence analyzes each member’s specific usage habits and preferences to create a custom feed of content tailored specifically to them.

Rich Content From Day-One

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so from the day your community goes live, it’s important that it be populated with highly relevant, highly interesting content. With rasa.io, there’s no need to wait on your members or community manager to create content. Our automatic content feed ensures your community is a vibrant knowledge hub from day one.

Never Miss Out

Think of our digest functionality as a personal highlight reel for each of your members. Based on the frequency of their choosing, they will receive emails that give a quick, personalized snapshot of what will interest them most in the community.

Get to Know Your Members

Use our analytics and data tools to develop a better understanding of your members and to track and learn what interests them, excites them, and is on their minds. Then pull all that proprietary data into your AMS, CMS, or LMS to drive more informed decisions on everything from marketing to e-commerce.

Features List


Create events within your community. Includes video conferencing for integrating online/offline events.


Use any of our out-of-the-box integrations or utilize our open source API to build your own.


A comprehensive collaboration tool for resource sharing and building the knowledge base your association has always wanted.


Think of it as a mini blogging platform within your community that simplifies hosting of long-form content within the community.

Personal Messaging

One-on-one or one-to-many messaging for your members to network, collaborate, and communicate with each other.

Member Directory

Facilitate networking by allowing members to easily search and find friends, peers, and coworkers.

Custom Branding

Customize the look and feel of your community to create a seamless experience across community, website, and other association properties.


Best-in-class mobile experience across native apps, community-specific apps, and a responsive site.


Create sub-groups while maintaining the functionality and resources of the larger community as a whole.

Custom security levels

Maintain oversight on what each member sees and can access.


Your community is only as good as the content within it. Our best-in-class search functionality ensures they can always find what they’re looking for.

Metrics & Reporting

Increased insights into what’s happening with your community and its members.