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Our feature-rich platform is powered by Artificial Intelligence and provides an individually tailored experience that meets each of your members' needs.



Paid Annually

Powered by Artificial Intelligence — Everything a volunteer staff needs to start connecting with members online

  • Member Directory to connect members and strengthen mentorship and collaboration
  • Unlimited communities for maximum community flexibility
  • Resource sharing to build knowledge bases and best practices
  • Third-party content hooks to continually fill Your community with interesting information
  • Web Support
  • Q&A functionality
  • Instant Messaging

Small Staff

Our most popular plan


Paid Annually

Powered by Artificial Intelligence — A robust tool for midsized organizations connecting their members


  • Roles for easily segmenting and managing members
  • Data onboarding so your community gets off to a strong start
  • Custom email templates to make sure your members receive the right message
  • Access to pre-made rasa.io integrations to sync your data where it needs to be
  • Scheduled phone support so you and your members can easily solve their problems


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Powered by Artificial Intelligence — An advanced platform to connect all members within even the largest organizations


  • Personal Account Manager + 50 total hours of onboarding during community launch
  • Drag and drop controls so that you can use rasa.io functionality wherever you'd like
  • API access with unlimited standard integrations
  • Free branded mobile app
  • Advanced data analytics

Pricing Details

Volunteer Small Staff Enterprise
Volunteer Small Staff Enterprise
Integrated Digests
Resource Sharing
Member Directory
Third-Party Content Hooks
Personally Curated Member Experience
Personal Messaging
Event Management
Email Notifications
Custom Security
Member Tagging
Reply by Email
Social Sharing
Mobile Optimized
Premade Integration Access
Data Onboarding
Personal Domains
AMS Integration
API Access
Scheduled Phone Support
Personal Account Manager
Custom Badges
Custom Branding
Advanced Analytics
Branded Mobile App
Request Pricing
Request Pricing