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Need help starting an online community? We've got you covered with easy to understand eBooks, webinars, and infographics.

Online Community Selection Kit #1: Planning Goals and Structure

Need help digging into the world of online communities? Part one of our three-part eBook series covers the basics for helping you decide if an online community is right for you.

Online Community Selection Kit #2: Researching and Comparing

Part two of our three-part eBook series covers the ins and outs of what having an online community means for your association.

Online Community Selection Kit #3: Demo, Negotiate, and Decide

When you're ready to decide, the final eBook in our series will help you find out how to get the most out of the online community that fits your needs.

Sample Community RFP

Never written an RFP? Download our sample to help speed up the process!

Features and Functionality Checklist

Picking the right online community means making sure it's built to the specifications that fit you and your members. We've provided a handy list to help figure out what that means.

Online Community Goal Planning Worksheet

We want you to be able to make the best purchase for your association. This planning worksheet is designed to make the purpose and motivations for building an online community clear.

Making Online Communities Work in 2016

Part of our webinar series on transitioning associations into the digital age - watch free to learn more about what's necessary to run your community.

Six Content Creeds for Associations

Building content is a pivotal step in increasing brand awareness for your association. Download to learn more!

Why Thinking Mobile is Critical

56% of U.S. web traffic is mobile. How is your association participating in this monumental shift to the ultra-personal web?